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5 things I wish I knew about LinkedIn when I started posting...

1 ) The "start with why" mantra will actually hold you back when it comes to LI. I know too many people that spend forever trying to figure out their "why." This is a time suck, and your why doesn't even matter when you first start out, so just freakin' post. I started creating a lot of content Sept of 2019 - my "why" has changed since then. So will yours. It is impossible to know what your "why" will end up being since you don't know the direction your prospects will take you. Pick a topic you know a lot about, and start sharing stories that relate to it. 


2 ) What would be on that list if you were to make a checklist of the content you like to read, view, or listen to? For my first 6 months on LI, I shared content so bad I wouldn't even consume it myself. What do YOU really like?


3) Frequency. When you begin sharing your stories on LinkedIn, you have to start by defining your normal. Do NOT compare your routine to anyone else. Every content creator has a different life than yours, so, of course, your frequency is going to be different.


4 ) Who is your target prospect? Get specific. Example: the overwhelming majority of my clients are 45 - 65-year-old c-suite executives who have advanced degrees and are parents. Why is this important for me to know? I share stories that relate to their season of life and the experiences they go through. 


5) Getting real traction on social media is more challenging than you can imagine right now, but it's also more rewarding than you think. Everyone shows up on LI for a different reason. Some want to scroll (and numb out) mindlessly, some get a dopamine hit every time a stranger "likes" something they say, and some are here to offer value to their clients. LI engagement doesn't pay my bills, so I don't get too caught up in the day-to-day of "likes" and comments. However, I do know the yearly "impressions" number I need to hit to achieve my 2024 business goals. Once you build a system, you'll question why you didn't do it sooner.



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