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Some of you wonder why I respect Dan Mott so much.

Valid thought.  😂

He’s such a systems, structure, and statistics person; he can come off as a bit of a nerd.  🤓

Regardless, to tell the right stories, you need to understand your targets. 

I learned the most effective LinkedIn framework for doing this through Dan Mott.

This quarter, I hit a huge business goal for 2024.  Something that should have taken me a few more months to hit was hit in March!

Now, why should you care about all this?

Because the entire gameplan for this is laid out in a LI series I did with Dan, and you can listen to it and apply it too.

P.S. it was awesome meeting Dan IRL a couple of years ago.


P.P.S. Check out the podcast episodes here...

Part 1 | Why LinkedIn is so Powerful! https://storieswithtraction.buzzsprout.com/1781130/11199777-part-1-why-linkedin-is-so-powerful

Part 2 | What You Can Do to Maximize LinkedIn | https://storieswithtraction.buzzsprout.com/1781130/11199835-part-2-what-you-can-do-to-maximize-linkedin

Part 3 | How LinkedIn Can Work for You | https://storieswithtraction.buzzsprout.com/1781130/11199869-part-3-how-linkedin-can-work-for-you

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