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When Richard and Maurice McDonald sold this restaurant to Ray Kroc for $2.7 million...

...many in the business community thought Mr. Kroc was an idiot. 

Why on earth was he so interested in buying a burger joint (for that amount of money)?!

Ray Kroc saw something that most didn’t at the time: the long-term value of McDonald’s.

Today, the company is worth 191 billion dollars!  🤯

You may be currently doing something, and others don’t see the significance.

If you truly believe in your mission and the value that you bring to the table, keep going.

They may laugh now, but you may be more than right in the future.

Sidenote: Remember the creepy clown?  🤡🤣🤦‍♂️

*It was awesome checking out this McDonald's (the oldest operating one in the country) in Downey, California, before one of my strategic storytelling workshops.  😁

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