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I hate my mom.

I hate my mom. 

She’s ridiculous. 


Did you ever say that growing up? 

I might have said that a couple of times when I was a teen. 

Not truly realizing the gift my mother gave me.

My mom is the most strategic person I’ve ever met. 

Her planning, strategy, and attention to detail would put most Fortune 500 CEOs to shame.

She's the reason why I'm able to juggle so much between family and work.

She’s the reason why I’m able to gameplan so well in business. 

Keep in mind, growing up, I would always make fun of how detailed she was.  

“Why are her plans so in-depth?!”  

Because of her, I learned how to always stay 3 moves ahead.

For that, I’m eternally grateful!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms willing to get laughed at by their kids now, knowing that one day they’ll thank them later! 

keep on keepin’ on!

Thank you, Mom!  I am who I am because of you!  😘


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