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I knew someone growing up who was beaten by his alcoholic father.

Eventually, he was removed from that situation, and though his physical scars healed, he had a lot of mental anguish.

He told me once that the worst part of the situation was not that his dad hit him but that he ignored him.

Getting drunk was more important to his father than giving him the time of day.

Even though I've never battled an alcohol addiction, I'm addicted to something else - I'm addicted to my phone.

Through this device, I have every app I could ever want. 

Recently, I thought back to my friend who shared with me that his father ignored him.

What will my children say of me? That I was on my phone so much that they had an absent father?! No way! To make sure this doesn't happen, I've instituted ”Device-Free Time” so that I can focus on my kids.

I work with business leaders all the time who don't realize (until they do it) that there is a skill to be learned through putting their devices away.

It's called, being present.

By being present with my children, I've learned how to be completely present with my clients.

Try it this weekend!

Put your phone away, focus on family, and learn the power of being present.

Being fully present is a superpower!

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