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I'll be dead soon.

We all will, actually. Life is quick. 

This is the first thing my kids are to do once I'm gone…

…whether I pass away in 5 years or 50. 

They are supposed to listen to my podcast, Stories With Traction.

The content is built for leaders, and they are being raised to lead. 

Every time I produce an episode, I ask myself, am I giving my kids my all when they listen to this in the future?

When I'm gone...

Will my oldest son, who is an incredible thinker, have enough stories to listen to that will help him sell his ideas and market them? 

Will my daughter, who is an incredible artist, hear how important it is to be creative in life and that she has the liberty to live outside the box? 

Will my youngest son, who gets me to bust out laughing every day, learn the importance of creating an incredible culture and one in which everyone feels valued? 

Stories With Traction isn't just a way to help leaders around the world; it's a way to empower the leaders I’m raising at home. 

I do it to build a legacy. 

Oh, and my kids can listen to it now, too; they don't need to wait ‘til I'm dead. 


P.S. if you want to check out the most recent Storytelling FAQ episode with  Claire M. Davis, check it out here | https://www.storieswithtraction.com/swtpodcast

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