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Just hours from kickoff, reality set in.

Super Bowl XLI wasn't going to be played in the rain. It was going to be played in a monsoon. 
...and while pro football players deal with the elements all season, rock stars do not. They have provisions in their contracts to avoid such calamities. 
Electricity and water don't mix particularly well. 
So, hours before one of the most watched sporting events in the world, the producers called Prince with the bad news. 
They were understandably nervous. "Would you be ok playing in the rain?"
His answer was nothing short of legendary. 
"Can you make it rain HARDER!?"
Many things in life are beyond our control, and when these storms arrive, we must choose. 
Do we hide from the rain? Or do we dance in it? 
P.S. Every year, for my halftime show, I watch Prince. No one can top this Super Bowl performance, so I don't waste my time with anything else. 

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