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My wife hates listening to Bob Dylan. She says...

...he has a raspy voice. I love Bob Dylan. I think he is one of the best lyricists of all time. 

Who’s right? We both are. 

My wife has run sound for hundreds of concerts, so she has an incredible ear for pitch and tone.

I’ve written for dozens of politicians and business leaders and obsess over words and stories. 

We both view Bob Dylan through the lens of our experience. 

Some of you get so flustered by what some of your prospects think of you. 

You devalue your worth based on what others say. 

Some of your prospects might be right; your services aren’t valuable to them…

…guess what…

…there are 7.9 billion other people in the world!

Find people who like and value what you do! 

…oh, and stop hating on Bob Dylan; it’s his Birthday today! 🥳 

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