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One of my Grandmothers used to tell me...

One of my Grandmothers used to tell me, ”when I tell you to jump, you ask how high! When I tell you to do something, you do it, period!” She forced me to listen to her out of...FEAR!

My other Grandmother, on the other hand, would tell me why she wanted me to do certain things. 

She showed me how much she cared about me learning life lessons.

Guess which Grandmother I wanted to be around more? 

I often work with CEOs that demand their people listen to them based on their title.

This is known as ”positional leadership.”

I don't care if you are your company’s founder; you need to continue to work on earning your team’s respect. 

You do that by showing them how much you care about them and explaining, through stories, why you do certain things.

CEOs that lead by fear create hostile work environments, but leaders that care, build teams that want to be around them.

Company Culture is important, and the CEO sets the tone!

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