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Recently read a business book that talked about how stupid networking is...

...said no one ever.
We know how important networking is to our success. So, why don't we focus on it more? Seriously, we know there are people out there who can help us achieve our goals, dreams, and desires, so why don't we make a strategic, intentional effort to connect with them? 

Wanna know a secret? You can. 

Here is a simple plan for you...

1) Open up a spreadsheet

2) Put the top 10 people on it that can help you get to where you want to go

3) Think of all the stories that you can share with them that will be relatable to them

4) Start engaging on their content (multiple comments throughout a couple of weeks)

5) Invite them to a virtual coffee

6) Weave the relatable stories into your conversation with them

7) Regularly follow up with them by offering them something valuable (so you stay top of mind)

Create a systematic approach to your networking, and you will see positive results in your business! 

P.S. Currently in Jacksonville, Florida and I keep looking up at the palm trees while I type this out. 🌴 Love it here.

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