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The worst President in U.S. History was…

...James Buchanan.

That's according to many historians.

What's interesting is Buchanan was one of the most prepared presidents in history.

He was:

-A soldier 
-A prominent lawyer
-U.S. Congressman
-U.S. Senator 
-Secretary of State
-Minister to Russia 
-Minister to the U.K.

However, he was not:

-good at seeking out advice
-good at building relationships 
-good at making hard decisions

His failures led to the Civil War and the death of 620,000 soldiers.

Just because people are prepared doesn't mean that they can execute when tough decisions come their way.

Since I'm on a mission to go to all the Presidential museums in the United States, I stopped by Buchanan’s place.

Today is his birthday. I'm not celebrating, but it is a reminder of what failed leadership looks like.

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